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Foot Ulcers and PAD

Foot ulcers can be a common occurrence in diabetic patients, but they may pose a greater health risk for those who also have Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). At Heart Vascular and Leg in Bakersfield, CA, we offer diagnosis and treatment for PAD and other venous or vascular diseases that can impact overall health. PAD remains largely under diagnosed, resulting in many amputations that could have been avoided with an outpatient treatment designed to increase circulation and restore health to damaged tissue.

Poor circulation combined with a sedentary lifestyle can lead to wounds and ulcers on the feet that are slow to heal and at risk of secondary infection. For those with PAD, the added complication of compromised veins and arteries makes recovery much more difficult, leaving ulcers vulnerable to infection and possible amputation. In many cases, patients require hospitalization for treatment.

If you are diabetic and have experienced leg pain or cramping, or have difficulty with mobility, come in for a screening to see if you have PAD.

Save A Limb Through PAD Screening

Our screenings are non-invasive or minimally invasive, with little discomfort or down time. A short diagnostic screening and consultation can often determine if you are suffering from PAD, resulting in treatment that can restore physical health, a better lifestyle and most importantly reduce the risk for limb loss. Vascular interventional treatments will also improve blood flow and enable greater mobility.

If you have been suffering with foot ulcers that are not healing and affecting your mobility, schedule a consultation with one of our providers. It could be life changing!

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