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Venaseal: Exciting New Option For Venous Disease

Venous and vascular diseases affecting the limbs can have an impact on the quality of daily life and present a real risk of limb loss if it is left untreated long enough. Advances in technology provide interventional physicians like Dr. Vinod Kumar the ability to save patient’s limbs with minimally invasive procedures that restore health and relieve the painful symptoms many experience.

The medical director of Bakersfield’s Vascular and Leg Center, Dr. Kumar has been on the forefront of vascular interventional medicine in an effort to reduce the number of patients losing a limb to venous or vascular disease- a life changing operation with associated risks. A revolutionary new technique called Venaseal was recently performed by vascular surgeon Dr. Kumar on a Vascular and Leg Center patient who had been suffering for several years from the side effects of venous reflux in his legs.

Benefits of Venaseal

A unique treatment option for restoring healthy vascular function in a limb affected by venous reflux, the Venaseal outpatient procedure offers many benefits for patients:

Patients are able to resume their daily routine right away- feeling much better in most cases. “I might go out dancing tonight,” remarked patient John Baker in a recent article in the Bakersfield Californian.

Dr. Kumar has been leading the charge in vascular intervention to reduce limb loss and help people restore health through minimally invasive procedures with lasting results. A key part of successful treatment is often early diagnostic testing and intervention. Understanding risk factors and common signs of vascular disease also helps to encourage patients to seek treatment before too much damage has been done:

Venous disease does not have to end in limb loss. If you have concerns, consider yourself at risk or are experiencing any symptoms mentioned above, schedule a consultation at the Vascular and Leg Center in Bakersfield, CA. It could save your limb- and your life!

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