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Avoid Limb Amputation With Vascular Treatment

Until recently, patients suffering from vascular insufficiency in their legs due to a variety of health concerns and systemic diseases like diabetes were at risk of losing a limb to address the problem. Amputation was the common outcome in many cases in order to restore health and resolve leg pain, non healing wounds and other issues.

New technological advances in interventional vascular techniques can now save a patient’s leg and restore healthy circulation. Dr. Vinod Kumar and his associates at the Vascular and Leg Center in Bakersfield, CA perform minimally invasive procedures that can open even the smallest leg arteries and veins, especially those below the knee, restoring healthy blood flow to prevent amputation. This breakthrough technology can save both “life and limb”, enabling patients to be treated successfully without the great risks associated with such dramatic surgery and recovery.

Amputation: Are You At Risk?

There are several factors that can put someone at a higher risk for limb loss:

Diabetes and obesity continue to be growing health concerns nationwide with the number of new diagnoses rising daily. While there a many factors that can contribute to these major health problems, lifestyle can often play a major role. Understanding how your particular lifestyle habits could be the underlying cause of your health problems is an important part of restoring your health.

Vascular Treatment Options

“If you are told you need an amputation, please seek a second opinion,” Says Dr. Kumar in this recent TV interview with Fox- 58 Eyewitness News.

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