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9-in-1 Solution


All services, one location

1. Routine and follow-up visits
2. Testing and diagnostics
3. Procedures and treatments

Team of specialists

4. Cardiologists
5. Wound specialists
6. Vascular physicians

Conditions Treated

7. Superficial veins
8. Deep veins
9. Leg arteries


Benefits of our 9-in-1 Solution

Collaboration and coordination of care

Our providers are trained and credentialed in the fields of vascular care, interventional radiology, wound care, cardiology, vein disease and more.

We work together collaboratively to create care plans that treat the whole patient and all related vascular conditions. We not only share notes but we actually talk to each other face-to-face to discuss best treatments and results.

We also work closely and collaboratively with referring physicians.


Having all services and providers together makes our process easy and efficient for patients. Our patients don’t have to make lots of appointments at different locations with different providers who don’t generally communicate with each other.

A focus on best possible outcomes for our patients

The reason that many patients do not get better is that their various physicians in different practices and different locations don’t coordinate treatment in order to achieve best possible outcomes. This fragmented process leaves patients confused about different feedback and instructions from different providers.

By providing all vascular, heart and wound services in a single practice and coordinating and communicating, we eliminate the confusion and hassle and work toward a shared goal of achieving the best possible outcome for each patient.

Scheduling Your Appointment with Heart Vascular and Leg

Call 661-324-4100 to schedule your appointment and experience the benefits of our unique 9-in-1 Solution.


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